Tuesday, February 24, 2009

West Seattle Art Walk Feb. thru 1st week of March

This is only part of the art installation of RobRoy Chalmers, you must see it in person. Here are his thoughts.
I have made 1000 little pieces of art and used them to surround a few larger pieces. I like creating a swarm of art pieces because it forces viewers to interact with the work. I believe that creating this swarm also makes viewing the art more enjoyable because the viewers have to filter through the swarm in search of the pieces that are calling them.
I have priced these pieces to make them affordable to anyone with the smallest pieces (any in the postage stamp range) at one dollar, the next size up at five dollars, the next size up at 20 and lastly the full size prints at 100, there is art for everyone. Please search through the swarm to find your perfect piece or combination thereof.

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