Wednesday, October 20, 2010

As cool, fall weather sneaks in..

One of my favorite things to do in Seattle is to curl up with a great read. I'm pretty excited to check out The Autobiography of Mark Twain, Volume 1, which is being released this November. Mark Twain requested on his death bed that the three volume autobiography was not to be printed for 100 years.. 100 years! Historians are divided about why Twain wanted to wait so long, but there is speculation that he either wanted to talk freely about religion and politics, or that he just didn't want to worry about offending any friends! Either way, there is something so romantic about a memoir being unsealed and released from such an iconic literary figure..

Just in time to grab your copy and get cozy at home, we have these awesome new slip-ons from Camper! These comfy little guys are available for men in charcoal grey, and for women in light grey and a muted red. They are made from recycled components and have a rubber sole, perfect for when you need to run up to your local coffee shop for a refill!
Camper #21343 & #18546, $60

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